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Sello Pheme - Clinical Psychologist

Once you’ve decided to find a therapist, the last thing you want to do is spend hours searching for the right one and days waiting for a call back. I get it. I am passionate about simplifying the process of getting started with therapy so that you can start feeling better as soon as possible.


My mission is to provide excellent services to our clients and to achieve the reputation of quality and high standard in order to promote health, well-being and participation in life through occupational engagement.


My Vision is to achieve client satisfaction by offering excellent services at an affordable cost.
My forward vision is to strive to become an entity that 
offer professional services and help the community at large.


  • Desire for Excellence
  • Trust and confidence build-up
  • Innovation
  • Transparency


Sello Pheme is an African male Clinical Psychologist practising in both public and private sectors. He obtained his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at North-West University. In the same university, he also graduated with Cum Laude for both his Honours and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology. He completed his internship training at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital. He did his Community Service at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. He started practicing independently at Leratong Hospital and later moved to Tshwane Health District, where he is currently based. 
Over the years, he acquired training, experience and competence in the following scope of practice: Anxiety, Depression, Academic Stress, Substance Abuse, Bereavement, Adjustment, marital problems and Trauma Defriefing. He is comfortable and competent in provision of individual, couples and family therapy. Every experience is a narrative that can be redefined. Retell your story today. 

How We Roll:

I offer online and in-person services for individuals of all ages, couples, and families.

Our Services

I pride myself upon the exceptional expert services I provide. I am fully dedicated to providing extraordinary customer care and first class expert medical services. See some of the services that I offer:

It is a joint process between a therapist and a person in therapy (client). This allows you to explore feelings and thoughts in depth. It is offered to children, teenagers and adults. 

It is a from of psychotherapy that can help family members improve communication, resolve conflicts/trauma/loss and dysfunctional patterns.

It  can assist addressing  wide range of relationship issues, including recurring conflicts, feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction. It is a platform to help you discover reasons to remain or abandon a relationship in a more healthier manner.

Provision of training, individual and group therapy to employees to assist with trauma debriefing, workplace demotivation, burnout and absenteeism.


Payments: Cash and medical aids are acceptable. Fees depend on medical aid rates and duration of a session.


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